The Holiday From Hell - Demelza Carlton

The Holiday From Hell

By Demelza Carlton

  • Release Date: 2015-03-26
  • Genre: Paranormal
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Melody Angel races to stop Lucifer from returning to Hell and his devilish ways, but with the burned-out angel's soul barely clinging to her body, the clock is ticking until she's summoned home to Heaven.

Luce whisks Mel away on a romantic vacation that turns into the holiday from Hell. When a troublesome imp steals Luce's most prized possession, even the once-proud Lord of Hell isn't sure he can succeed as he's forced to fight for Mel's heart and soul.

In the fight between good and evil, angels and demons, not even Heaven knows who will win.

Mel Goes to Hell series:

This is the fifth book in the Mel Goes to Hell series, which consists of:
•Welcome to Hell (#1)
•See You in Hell (#2)
•Mel Goes to Hell (#3)
•To Hell and Back (#4)
•The Holiday From Hell (#5)