This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man

By Jodi Ellen Malpas

  • Release Date: 2013-06-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 1,751 Ratings)
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Book 1 of the #1 New York Times bestselling This Man series!

Young interior designer Ava O'Shea has no idea what awaits her at the Manor. A run-of-the-mill consultation with a stodgy country gent seems likely, but what Ava finds instead is Jesse Ward--a devastatingly handsome, utterly confident, pleasure-seeking playboy who knows no boundaries. Ava doesn't want to be attracted to this man, and yet she can't control the overwhelming desire that he stirs in her. She knows that her heart will never survive him and her instinct is telling her to run, but Jesse is not willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her.


  • Love this book

    By Coffee lover 1990
    I could bot put it down, cant wait to read the next one😆
  • Finally

    By Rikkileee
    Had me hooked and kept me hooked
  • Abuse disguised as "love"

    By I've read them all....
    I have NEVER written a review. But, after reading this series I felt compelled to do just that! These books must have been written by a man, or a woman who has some serious issues with her self esteem and romance life. SPOILER ALERT the main male character tells the leading lady in almost EVERY chapter that he has "the power". He yells at her, basically rapes her, and physically kidnaps her and the author tries to make it seem like those things are ok because the leading lady drives the male character "crazy mad". I keep using air quotes because those words are used ALL THE DANG TIME! Btw the leading lady's name is Ava. Now Ava says no a lot and she means it. But, for some reason Jesse (the male counter part) won't take no for an answer. So he stalks, controls, uses sex as a weapon, and even scares her friends and his so that they won't even step in to help her. These could've been great books. But, they weren't. I read all 3 to see if the author ever gives Ava "the power" or gives them equal footing like Fifty Shades of Grey, but NOPE! I HATE these books. Jesse owns a High class pleasure palace yet gets super mad when a guy just talks to Ava. Makes no sense. It's like a stripper getting mad her boyfriend went to a strip club. If for some reason you start to read these books after reading this review..... you have issues. Lol there were some parts I liked but that was like 5% of each book. Kudos for the Author for making money, but F$@k you author for making it seem ok to treat women as property or like animals. Please read your own books Jodi. Unless that's just a cover name and you're actually a dude. If that's the case I say again.... F$@k you.
  • The Trilogy - Why? **SPOILERS**

    By Talli.2015
    Okay, where to begin. Wow... Um... It's awful. I didn't read the sample, I just went for it and bought the trilogy. I know I can't have my money back, but it is awful. I read 50 Shades and even with the things I can see in that trilogy that some may find abusive or offensive, it doesn't come close to This Man. There is no build up the relationship. In one day basically Ava went from meeting to sleeping with this nut job Jesse. Never mind the hotel and the lifestyle, those are not issues in my rant. This guy is beyond a control freak, he is lethal and frightening. Unstable is in this guy's rear view mirror... Holy crap, why in the world would anyone want to be in a relationship like this? Both parties are manipulative, abusive, and possessive. AWFUL!
  • A "Can't put it down MUST READ!!!" Book

    By hockeygirl03
    First: do yourself a favor and ignore the haters. Second: Jesse is soooo dominant but it is soooo super sexy hot!! Ava is one defiant temptress who drives him crazy mad!! Their story is one you'll love being enthralled in. I could not put this book down!! I devoured every page and immediately started the second book after finishing this one. Then started the third book after reading the last page of the second book. I don't know why I waited so long to read this amazing, emotional, sexy hot trilogy! Third: do yourself another favor and immerse yourself into the This Man Trilogy. You'll be ecstatic you did!!!! Enjoy!!!
  • So, so bad.

    By Crafty sister
    I wish I could give negative stars because this book doesn't even deserve a one start review. Absolutely terrible. I mean bad bad bad. Couldn't even finish it. I want my money back.
  • Offensive

    By TaraB49
    “... I search my brain trying to remember if I transferred my RAPE alarm to my new handbag.” Said by the heroine after meeting a BLACK man in chapter one. Really?!! And I paid for this. 😠
  • Awful

    By #Weareyoungyolo
    This book is awful! The main character is annoying and stupid. The man in the book is creepy and intense is a dangerous bad way. HATE this book. dont waste your money on it!
  • Um?

    By TiffyMePinx
    All I can say that is being a stalker is not cute. I don't really see how women can find this sexy. I was scared for her when she was tricked into going to the mansion. I like possessive men but to some degree. This was creepy.
  • Really good enjoyed it

    By phatenah
    Loved it