Star Wars: This War - Takianna

Star Wars: This War

By Takianna

  • Release Date: 2013-01-16
  • Genre: Science Fiction
4 Score: 4 (From 1,028 Ratings)
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This story follows Anakin Skywalker & Captain Rex through the perils of war and through the loss of one of their own.


  • This book is amazing!!!

    By Captain_Rex100
    I love this so much!! Is there a sequel?!?!!? If there is Please tell me. Thank you for the awesome book hope to hear from you soon
  • This Star Wars book

    By JWaydeBoy
    This is a phenomenal piece of writing. A bit inconstant with the latest Disney shows that are out, but still a great story just the same, filled with great dialogue, and action. To anyone who liked Star Wars the clone wars, this is a great read
  • GET IT

    By Kof1
    This is the best book about star wars ...
  • Facts are incorrect!

    By @YODA999
    The story line in very dull and Ahsoka dies! Why is this? She comes back in Rebels!
  • This War

    By Rebel times
    Cool book love it
  • This books ending was very dark

    By Yoel yo
    Two main characters die I'm surprised who they were (spoiler alert) Rex💣 and ashoka💉
  • Star Wars the revels

    By ÄAaaaaa
    It's based of Star Wars the clone wars it's a good book up to the end which was a total lie if you watched Star Wars the clone wars and Star Wars Rebels u will understand so for those of u that have not washed those showes don't believe the end it's a lie
  • Ahsoka (Snips) Tano

    By Dkswaff
    Wonderful not sure this author can spell though😕 Anyways not really in line with what really happened I lived rexSTER lived Master didn't live but he was born again. A great Star Wars✨ book!!! Wish there were more like it... And Skyguy this is for you, 👋🏻 *slap on the shoulder* what where you thinking when you went to the dark side and killed Padmé?!?!?!?!
  • Star Wars: ThisWar review-

    By CommandoScorch
    Some of the things in here weren't mentioned by Wookiepedia, which for me was confusing. Other than that, this book was amazing and had some twisting plots.
  • Good story until the end.

    By See1Ace
    I liked this story, good action and character interaction. It could have easily ended after the factory battle and everybody's recovery. But no, the author had to throw in six pages of non relevance which destroyed the future episodes of this continuing story.