Black Africans in the Bible: Is the Bible for White People Only? - Dan Rogers

Black Africans in the Bible: Is the Bible for White People Only?

By Dan Rogers

  • Release Date: 2012-10-04
  • Genre: Bible Studies
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 24 Ratings)
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Some scholars have assumed that all the people mentioned in the Bible are Caucasian. But the evidence from Scripture, corroborated by drawings in Egyptian tombs, shows that Black Africans are mentioned - often in a favorable way.


  • Bitter

    By Horatio Horn-blower
    Soft racism is still racism.
  • To the Aurthor

    By Add pictures
    This was a good read. I do agree that we live in a society in where all bible charters are portrayed white. That's only because of the powers that be, they have allowed themselves to be drunk with ignorance. Sadly, many African Americans have left the Christian faith and are becoming Muslims. For the main reason you explained in your book. Many feel like Christianity is only for White People, and for the most part. When we see how today's society portray Christianity, it refers the the Caucasians. Prime example, republican are mostly Caucasians. So in Society terms, if your not a republican, your not a Christian. this is the kink of non-sense we see in our society today