Toughness - Jay Bilas & Coach K


By Jay Bilas & Coach K

  • Release Date: 2013-03-05
  • Genre: Basketball
4 Score: 4 (From 263 Ratings)
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  • Description


    The popular ESPN basketball analyst and former Duke player looks at the true meaning of toughness.

    If anyone knows tough, it’s Jay Bilas. A four-year starter at Duke, he learned an incomparable work ethic under coach Mike Krzyzewski, battling against the greatest college players in the game. After playing professionally overseas for several years, he returned to Duke, where he served as Krzyzewski’s assistant coach for three seasons, during which the Blue Devils won back-to-back titles. A graduate of Duke Law School, he has since become one of basketball’s most recognizable faces through his insightful, intelligent work on ESPN’s SportsCenter and College GameDay.

    Through his ups and downs, on and off the court, Jay learned the true meaning of toughness from coaches, teammates, and colleagues. Now, he discusses this misunderstood—yet vital—attribute and how it contributes to winning in sports and in life. Featuring never-before-heard stories and personal philosophies on toughness from top players and coaches including Coach K, Bob Knight, Grant Hill, Mia Hamm, Jon Gruden, Tom Izzo, Bill Self, Curtis Strange, and many others—Bilas redefines what it takes to succeed.


    • Amazing book

      By Aaron Lerwill
      This was an amazing book that helped me be a better coach and a person.
    • Toughness

      By pjv0515
      Jay Bilas' book is one of the better books I've read in a while. He does a fantastic job on painting many pictures of what "toughness" is all about.
    • Toughness- Thanks Jay!

      By Dapup16
      While sports is used as the example most of the time, do not mistake this as a sports only book. Toughness is now in our company library to help our team understand teamwork, and how true toughness can effect their roles and our company. Terrific read for anyone looking to build or mold their team to be more collaborative, cooperative, and more focused on the mission. Highly recommended!
    • Awesome

      By CoachE27
      This is the best book I have read in a long time. I am a basketball coach and just purchased it for all of my players. A must red for any athlete, coach or parent!!
    • Eye opening

      By Gangstagrover
      The book paints a fresh picture of the ways in which we must look at our efforts and our own bad habits to truly evaluate and grow to be tougher individuals.
    • Hope floats

      By Benjiboi3123
      One of the great lessons I'm this book is the importance of Hope. This book demonstrates that's those that are known as "Tough" people have constant hope which instills toughness! Without hope being "Tough" doesn't exist. -Ben Hinton
    • Super

      By Feed23
      Best book I have read in long time, will definitely apply to me teachings this winter
    • Toughness

      By Brendan Suhr
      Jay did a fabulous job. TOUGHNESS is a must read for all coaches!
    • Value of toughness

      By Joshua Swanson
      After reading this book I realized almost every successful and respected person I know exhibits the toughness Bilas talks about in this book. That's not a coincidence. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to get better and reach their potential. Why? Because to get there, a key ingredient is "Toughness."
    • Must read for EVERYONE

      By Elwood 1959
      I have admired Jay Bilas' work on ESPN. He is one of a handful of people in the public eye who are "must listen". I read his article on toughness when it came out a few years ago. I shared it with some friends of mine who play and coach basketball. So much of what was written rang true with us. I was talking with my son last week. Being Chicago Bulls fans, I asked my son what he thought Jay would say about Derek Rose and what he is going through right now after being cleared to play yet refusing to. Little did I know that Jay has just written this book. I had to buy it and read it immediately. I truly believe this book can be useful to anyone in any position. This should be required reading and possibly an elective class for any high school student. I would prefer that kids get this message even earlier, like in junior high. The subject matter is extremely interesting and it may have a chance to stick with kids as they navigate their way through life. Jay thank you for sharing a well prepared (would you have done it any other way) piece of literature for us to enjoy.