The Turner Diaries - Andrew Macdonald

The Turner Diaries

By Andrew Macdonald

  • Release Date: 1996-05-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
4 Score: 4 (From 47 Ratings)
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On April 19, 1995, America was shocked by the worst case of domestic terrorism in U.S. history. The author of this book has written "if this book had been available to the general public … the Oklahoma bombing would not have come as such a surprise." The Turner Diaries has been considered by the Justice Dept. and other government agencies as the bible of right-wing militia groups, and the FBI believes it provided the blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing. Barricade Books has published it so America can better understand the cause of racism and extremism.


  • Excellent read with introspective value

    By mudholestomper
    The author does an outstanding job of serving up the specifics/details of the organizational structure as well as the specifics as it pertains to the individuals who operate within the local/regional/national levels of the organization and the specific roles they play and how their individual skills/abilities are used for the greater good To me, this book is, in many ways, a modern version of "The Anarchist's Cookbook", although with a story/mindset/theology added that lends credence to the engineering and science of the survivalist/anti-society/anti-government mentality If this book frightens you, it is because you know, as you delve into the mindset of the separatists, that this scenario is a very real one that not only currently exists, but could very easily become a much bigger part of our society, as well as your life and the way you view the world A close-minded reader will look for items in the authors message to feed their desire to agree with what they have been fed by the popular media and to satisfy their need to react to the material in the way that society expects them to the authors message will be lost on the non-critical thinking readers who are only using the material to find excuses to blame the OKC bombings on the book if you found nothing but reasons to disagree and hate the separatists and their mindset and couldn't grasp why they thought the way they did or you didn't bother to consider their point of view, then you are most likely bigoted and judgemental and have lots more biases than you realize
  • It's not book but the books iTunes relates to it

    By Hsl51
    After reading about the Oklahoma City bombing i was curious about the book that supposedly was the inspiration. To be honest it wasn't the book that floored me it's the other books iTunes associated with it. It's seems to me is you're a tea party member or fan of conservative fiction and nonfiction authors then Apple thinks you and the racist portrayed in this book have a lot in common.
  • All wrong !

    By Azpatriot2012
    I just want to put this out there, this book IS NOT the cause of the OKC bombing. Do your research before you read the book.
  • Not bad

    By Drill_mitch
    It's pretty eerie how the Government spoke about in this book is much like the Government today. I don't agree with the views expressed in this book, however, I did enjoy reading it. You have to look at this as a piece of literature and nothing else.
  • Please add Macdonald's hunter

    By Nickkykk
    I heard that he wrote another novel called hunter and iwas hoping you could upload it