Do You Face These Culture Challenges In Your Company or Team? - Richard Parkes Cordock

Do You Face These Culture Challenges In Your Company or Team?

By Richard Parkes Cordock

  • Release Date: 2012-04-26
  • Genre: Management & Leadership
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Your company's culture is too important to ignore. It is everywhere in your business and affects everything you do.Although you cannot touch it, you can certainly feel it and see it in action. You know when it needs addressing... even fixing.Below are seven common culture challenges companies face (even those which are wildly successful can still face these culture challenges, or know they could be a higher performing and more profitable company if they only addressed their culture issues.)Do you recognise one or more of these challenges in your company? Is your company's growth being hampered or held back from reaching higher levels of revenues and profits?1. Your senior management team and employees are not fully aligned.2. You know your teams could work better together (for the benefit of your customers).3. You know your employees could be more accountable and take more responsibility.4. You know your employees' motivation, morale and engagement could be stronger.5. You know communication and collaboration could be more free flowing within your company.6. You know you could provide a more remarkable customer experience.7. You know you could be more entrepreneurial, innovative, creative and relevant as a company.If you can relate to any of these culture challenges, Enterprise LEADER can help you.