Beginning Objective C Programming - Jason Lim

Beginning Objective C Programming

By Jason Lim

  • Release Date: 2012-02-05
  • Genre: Computers
4 Score: 4 (From 45 Ratings)
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  • Description

    Learn Objective C quickly with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about Objective C programming step by step. 

    With Objective C, you will have the fundamentals to build iPhone, iPad and Mac apps. 

    Written for people who have no programming experience. 

    Zoom in on the most essential concepts with EXAMPLES! 

    Soon, you can utilize your skills and make your own iPhone/iPad/Mac apps! 

    We cover the following topics:
    Installing Xcode
    Getting Started: Our First Objective C Mac Application
    If-Else Statements
    Learning about Objects
    Managing Multiple Objects
    NSString Comparisons
    Building your First iPad App
    Another iPad Example
    Going Further


    • Not for begginers

      By Joesmo'
      You should have some knowledge when it comes to programming. Someone like me that have 0 experience in programming - DO NOT BUY!
    • Good Intro for those who have some computer programming experience

      By Dfhghgcmg
      I bought this last night and am 30 of 80 pages into it. I found it to be a decent review for me because I have not programmed a thing for 3 years since my last java programming class. If you're good with programming, you might want to consider skipping over it; although for the little you pay, it does highlight object C's differences if you know another programming language (java for me). If you have programmed in object C before, don't bother. If you have a limited knowledge of programming, you will be able to read through it, but I don't know if you will comprehend the significance of all that it goes through. It is still a good introduction but don't expect that you will be creating an In-depth application after reading this book. Overall, 4/5, and it has convinced me to go the extra step and learn more about how to program in object c.
    • Not worth it

      By Negatative
      This book not for the beginner and very hard to learn from!
    • Short but nice

      By Sherafoo
      Not a bad place to start. You get a very basic idea of how to get started and you learn some basic concepts. Well worth the $3, if you find yourself wanting more you can always get a book that is more in depth and cost 3 times more. But if you find this topic is not for you , you do not feel like you wasted a lot of money. Like i said, this is a nice starting place.