Biology - Kenneth R. Miller, Ph.D. & Joseph S. Levine, Ph.D.


By Kenneth R. Miller, Ph.D. & Joseph S. Levine, Ph.D.

  • Release Date: 2012-01-19
  • Genre: Biology
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 817 Ratings)
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  • Description

    Biology sets the standard for clear, accessible writing and content that engages every student at every learning level. A new focus on the Big Ideas of biology sets the stage for active inquiry and participation. In addition, there is built-in reading support that helps students master concepts. Biology has visual and interactive overviews of complex processes, which aid understanding, add realism and interest, and provide students with a visual link to the narrative. Students read, see, and ultimately understand the fundamentals of biology.


    • Mystery around Chapter mysteries

      By foldedcrow
      Love the interactive nature of the book - but thought by now an update around the missing chapter mysteries would be fixed by now. Each chapter mystery promises a review or solution video at end of chapter - but alas they are absent... where are these? At least give teachers a code or link to be able to confirm and validate this investigative aspect of the book.
    • Download problems

      By Hooperc
      This iBook has a download failure rate of 15-20%. When downloading, even after signing in to the store and authorizing the laptop first, it downloads until about 3 seconds then hangs. If you allow it to hang, the download fails. One workaround we have found is to catch the download at 3 seconds (which means you have to sit there and watch it), then hit Pause all on the download, then quit iBooks, then wait about 5 minutes, then reopen iBooks, and the book will be there. Apparently the code at the end is faulty. This issue causes problems for our students and faculty. Please fix.
    • ERROR on PAGE 363

      By jkennedy174
      Good textbook overall. Five stars. BUT: On page 363, the labels for a plant and animal cell are reversed. Please fix this extremely confusing mistake!!

      By Kugler62
      I only bought this book because it is required by my science class. I pay, then download the book multiple times and it will still glitch out and delete the book. CAREFULLLLLL WITH BUYING THIS BOOOKKKK!!!!
    • Misleading

      By POOP is lightbulb
      Some information does not add up in the text to the pictures, and there are a lot of mislabeled diagramz. Overall, the gameplay was boring but the ending was just plain expected. Unless you want to waste money, buy Call of Duty instead.
    • Best e-textbook ever

      By Simon_AR
      The interactions in this book are super super amazing. It is just different from the 5lbs textbook. U can do quiz in the book, watch video in the book. I like this so much, the developer team must spent a lot on this book, the pages are super amazing. I especially like the glossary on each page! Above all, I DO NOT need to carry a 5lbs textbook EVERYDAY back and forth.
    • No big textbook

      By No txtbook
      I no longer am confined by the weight of this book, now all I have is this small and light ipad
    • OMG

      By juliakbenson
      None of the pitures show up and i found out you cant get it on your phone. This is so stressful!!
    • Crappy storage

      By -Fuji-
      I have 4.6 gb available but it won't download
    • Missing sections

      By Firefighter3
      As a teacher, I have been very happy with the iBook version of this text (all of my students use it) until discovering that parts are missing. The section titled A Visual Guide to the Diversity of Life, found in the print version, is not present in the iBook. Given the change from past editions to a focus on systems, this section of the book is essential for student understanding of biological diversity and has been eliminated. Why? Not even sure who to contact to find out the answer or if there is a work-around.