Religion and the United Nations-Introduction (Essay) - Matthew Weiner

Religion and the United Nations-Introduction (Essay)

By Matthew Weiner

  • Release Date: 2010-09-01
  • Genre: Education
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This special issue of CrossCurrents is dedicated to exploring the relationship between religion and the United Nations, with an emphasis on providing positive examples of potential and actual interaction, and making an argument in favor of developing partnerships between the world's governing body and the world's religious communities. As importantly, if not more so, we also hope that the articles collected here will provide a platform for further discussion and action among UN staff, scholars of religion, and religious communities themselves. To our knowledge, there has been little documented in terms of this kind of three-way discussion, much to the disadvantage of all parties involved. This short introduction will explain our basic orientation to the topic of religion at the UN, the thinking behind our designating these primary categories and the article selection within, as well as provide a compass for following the arrangement of the articles that follow. The conclusion will provide a more detailed historical framework and analysis.