300 Every Day Soups - Bridget Jones

300 Every Day Soups

By Bridget Jones

  • Release Date: 2011-07-19
  • Genre: Courses & Dishes
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A freshly made, tasty soup is an easy and nutritious solution for an everyday family meal. The method is simple, the preparation time is minimal, the ingredients can be endlessly varied, and the results will be enjoyed by all. This book has 300 delicious soups from best-loved classics to tempting dishes from around the world. 
Every recipe has been fully-tested and each is presented with a full nutritional analysis to help maintain a balanced diet.
The book starts with a brief practical summary of soup-making skills, including the preparation of stocks, methods of thickening, and ideas for garnishing and presentation. An extensive range of soup recipes for the family table are then introduced. Chapters look at bean and pulse soups, vegetable soups, noodle soups, pasta and grain soups, fish and shellfish soups, poultry soups and meat and game soups. The selection includes refreshing and delicious cold soups such as Gazpacho, and Cucumber and Yogurt; and filling, warming soups such as Golden Chorizo and Chickpea, and Chunky Courgette and Tomato. There are also spicy soups ranging from Spicy Chicken Noodle to Spiced Red Lentil Soup with Smoky Bacon; oriental classics that include Clear Chinese Mushroom with Meatballs, and Pork and Tofu with Kimchi; and traditional soup dishes such as Bouillabaisse, and Minestrone.
Choose from long-established, familiar soups or those that experiment with new combinations of ingredients, serving them either as an appetizer or as a complete meal. With over 300 step-by-step recipes, each shown with a stunning photograph, this book will become an essential cookbook on your kitchen shelf.
Bridget Jones  has always had a passionate interest in cooking and works as a full-time writer and consultant, contributing to various food and lifestyle magazines, and producing many outstanding cookbooks.


  • Good book, at least one exception

    By holykeebler216
    This book has a bountiful selection of soups of all sorts. My only qualm so far is that one of the recipes for the soups is clearly incorrect. For the Cabbage Soup, the recipe calls for leeks, cheese, and flour; nowhere in the ingredients are these listed, and it's clear they are not in the soup. This and any incorrect recipes should be remedied immediately, considering this is the exact soup I was intending to make.