Pivot - Alan Zimmerman


By Alan Zimmerman

  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Genre: Management & Leadership
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Whether you are struggling with your goals, unmotivated at work, burnt out on bad news, or just uninspired, a simple turn in attitude can make all the difference.

In Pivot, Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman draws from his extensive experience as a performance consultant to reveal the crucial role attitude plays in your success. Simply put, good attitudes bring good results and bad attitudes bring bad results.

Through Dr. Zimmerman’s nine-step attitude revolution, you will

• Evaluate your status quo
• Choose your mental strategy
• Curb the negativity that blocks your success
• Improve your confidence
• Build stronger relationships
• Experience an instant boost in enthusiasm
• Make positivity second nature
• Stop worrying
• Overcome failure

If it’s time for a revolution in your life, Pivot can lead the way.



    By ElaineWallene
    I was amazed by how my attitude was hindering my outlook in life. No wonder I have been struggling. The understanding this book has given me has changed my whole life for the better. Thank you Dr. Zimmerman. I can't wait for your next book!
  • Great book. A must get if you want to be positive.

    By Abeone84
    Wow, I must say this book is amazing. This book changed the way i handle life situations. I can clearly see how my negativity impacted my relationship, work, and life goals. Thanks to this amazing literature i have the essential tools to be more positive towards my failures and my attitude.