The Heroin Diaries - Nikki Sixx

The Heroin Diaries

By Nikki Sixx

  • Release Date: 2007-09-18
  • Genre: Music
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 779 Ratings)
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  • Description

    In one of the most unique memoirs of addiction ever published, Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx shares mesmerizing diary entries from the year he spiraled out of control in a haze of heroin and cocaine, presented alongside riveting commentary from people who were there at the time, and from Nikki himself.
    When Mötley Crüe was at the height of its fame, there wasn't any drug Nikki Sixx wouldn't do. He spent days -- sometimes alone, sometimes with other addicts, friends, and lovers -- in a coke and heroin-fueled daze. The highs were high, and Nikki's journal entries reveal some euphoria and joy. But the lows were lower, often ending with Nikki in his closet, surrounded by drug paraphernalia and wrapped in paranoid delusions.

    Here, Nikki shares those diary entries -- some poetic, some scatterbrained, some bizarre -- and reflects on that time. Joining him are Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Slash, Rick Nielsen, Bob Rock, and a host of ex-managers, ex-lovers, and more.

    Brutally honest, utterly riveting, and shockingly moving, The Heroin Diaries follows Nikki during the year he plunged to rock bottom -- and his courageous decision to pick himself up and start living again.


    • Amazing read

      By Ben Pinx
      Could not put the book down. Nikki's honesty is amazing and refreshing.
    • Couldn't put it down

      By Mrs.IveyDaniels
      As an addict in recovery, this book gave me a tremendous amount of hope. Much love
    • Heroine diaries by Nixxie Sixx

      By Premierair5S
      I bought this book and I loved it. I have read it 3,4 times. What's sad is I could relate. Been there done that. I have since straightened up. When they say how much cocaine they did. I don't believe the amounts he claimed to do??? I had plenty of cash would. Consume in a night by himself. I was a upper level dope dealer n the doper so I had as much of coke I wanted. I believe if he did a ounce of this coke he would be dead. I understand all about Tolerance. Like I said I sniffed it for years then smoked it for another G
    • Highly Recommended

      By That B¡tch
      Excellent. A must read. In my top 5 of favorite books of all time.
    • An understanding of addiction

      By GlassJMPrison87
      I picked up this novel at a bookstore about 3 years ago not knowing what to expect. I've never been a big fan of Crue, but I've respected what they have done for the music industry. I knew a little bit about Nikki and his dealings with drugs. 15 years ago, at the age of 11, I lost my father to addiction of a different kind (alcohol). I spent many years trying to understand what he was dealing with, why he did what he did, and what affect it had on my life. Since my early 20's I've battled with my own demons and tried to make sure my relationship w/ the bottle wasn't a need-based one. After reading this book, I gained an intense insight into the world of addiction, and finally gained an inner understanding into my father's downward spiral. This is an amazing book for anyone who has struggled with addiction or knows someone that has been a victim of it.
    • Honest Account of One Person's Personal Journey Through Hell and Back!

      By Deborah Duncan
      It's really good book about one person's journey through hell and back who has lived to to become a better person who is still successful. I would recommend this book to both Motley Crüe fans and non fans as we'll.
    • Outstanding

      By AskingAlida
      This book actually tells people what the real life of a rockstar is like nikki took it way out there but maybe it'll give people the message drugs are bad Mkay, Just the sense that I got from the book I looked at the pictured and imagined myself there and nikki sixx is one of my most favorite artists anyways and this book has been out of a bit I remember when he first started advertising it and I was like oh that's rad, and then here's 2013 where I actually read it it gave me a new perspective on somethings and teaches me how to deal with other stuff and I read this book while on vacation for about 3 or 4 days everyday I would read it I love it so much I never have replayed or re ridden anything I definitely would re read this book though.
    • Thanks for sharing your private life Nikki

      By Ruby Red - TX
      Many emotions were felt as I read through this book. I had a brother that didn't make it through an addiction and I now can understand some of what he dealt with when trying to quit drugs and lead a better life. Hopefully it will help others who are drug dependent make a choice to discontinue use.
    • Amazed

      By carpet fuzz
      I'm a life long Crüe fan but had no idea the behind scenes Nikki's life was, I thought it was a glamorous party life that anybody wanted, now I can see that the struggles he had, some we can all relate to. Being raised by addicts and a former addict myself, reading this book makes me feel stronger. Ultimately God gives me strength and eyes to see how bad drugs are through stories like Nikki.
    • AMAZING!

      By Scottiepippen21
      What an amazing book! So raw, gritty, and yet truthful and inspiring. I reccomend this book to anyone who's suffering with addiction or just a big Crüe fan! Great book and very inspiring!