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Acupressure Guide For Relieving Hangovers

By MobileReference

  • Release Date: 2010-12-20
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
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A hangover is the sum of unpleasant physical effects following heavy consumption of alcohol or the use of other drugs. The most common reported characteristics of a hangover are feelings of extreme thirst (dehydration), feelings of being more tired than usual, nausea and headaches. A good hangover cure should replace essential nutrients lost by the body while counteracting the influence of residual poisons: drink a large amount of water, preferably sports drink such as Powerade or Gatorade, eat mineral-rich foods, like pickles or canned fish.
Acupressure is an effective way to relieve painful sensation associated with hangover. Sit comfortably or lie down, close your eyes and breath deeply when massaging the active points. Practical and fully illustrated. Step-by-step guide to treatment of every condition. Every step explains point location, direction of force, and duration of massage. No previous experience necessary. It is not necessary to massage active points on your own, you can ask somebody else to massage points for you. Total treatment duration for most conditions is 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Saved my life.

    By Nefelim
    This book literally saved my life. Thank you for showing me a 10,000 year old remedy that works without synthetic chemicals. I am very interested in Accupressure now. Blessings.
  • Not worth the bandwidth to bother

    By K23Meow
    This is a horrible mish-mash of empty pages, irrelevant technical data on e-readers, and cover images with other titles. There might be some useful hangover remedy information, but I would NOT trust any so called acupuncture methods or advice from anywhere in this publication. You get what you pay for...... And if I could get it, I would demand a refund of the bandwidth wasted on this download.
  • Accupressure Guide

    By Miss Beck
    Downloaded this book to had 59 pages most about how to use book on Kindle. The table of contents was missing as was most of the body of the book! Dissappointing!
  • Quick guide to help with hangover!

    By bigDaddykhan
    What can I say? It's free and the technique works.
  • To Timothy

    By TylerWhitehead
    Timothy, the book clearly states that it is caused by dehydration and recommends to drink water and other drinks, as well as to eat things with minerals in them
  • Works!

    By Grebnoff
    It really helps! Thank you.
  • Just like to point out...

    By Gorgofdoom
    Hangovers are caused by severe dehydration. This dehydration is caused by the process your body uses to metabolize the alchohol you had injested- the easiest way to get rid of a hangover is to drink a lot of water. no ammount of pressure will fix a hangover.
  • Woo

    By Watersini
  • Don't buy it.

    By mochi-l-a
    The point selection in this is ok but the descriptions for the point location are just plain wrong. Maybe the author want to simplify or put the point location in layman term, but the point locations are just not correct. How would the acupressure massage be effective? If you do want to buy the book, make sure you look up other resources for the correct locations for those points.
  • helpful

    By Book-reader
    This guide is helpful for a free guide. It provides pressure points to help relief headaches and nausea. I ended up buying a complete book that covers many more illnesses for 9.99 by the same author.