Kiss Me At the Stroke of Midnight Volume 4 - Rin Mikimoto

Kiss Me At the Stroke of Midnight Volume 4

By Rin Mikimoto

  • Release Date: 2018-02-20
  • Genre: Girls
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LOVE’S FIRST KISS Kaede has set up a date to give Hinana her long-awaited first kiss, and the two of them enjoy a magical day at a theme park. But before they can share their promised kiss, a chance encounter with Akira brings unforeseen complications. Then, even more drama unfurls when Kaede’s ex-girlfriend catches wind of the fact that he is now dating someone else…!


  • Thank you 😊💕

    By 💞😘Riley_09/21😘💞
    I loved the book book. I curious about Hinana and why she is afraid or traumatized by the piano and why Ah-Chan never wanted to see her as sad as she was in the past? Will Hinana’s boyfriend find out why she is scared of the piano? Will Hinana really ever explain what happened in her past to her boyfriend or at least parts of it? I love this book it always keeps me guessing and believe me it’s hard to keep me guessing or surprise me. I love the book and the hard work everyone put in to it. No matter I I feel these books always find a way to make me feel better. I really can’t wait for the next book. Thank you for writing, illustrating, editing, publishing, and assisting to make this amazing book. When I read it I can tell all the hard work that has been done, I appreciate all of it. Your stories also make me laugh in a good way. For instance the manager is my favorite character he can make me laugh, feel a bit worried and reassuring he is like a mother figure. He is everything I would have love to have as a father. When I tell my friends this story they love it and also get the book. As a child all my child hood dreams and fantasies were ruined and I never believed in fairy tales again but when I read your work it doesn’t feel like my dreams were destroyed but healing little by little. I final had hope and joy in my life that couldn’t be taken away by someone but rebuilt in a different, stronger, lovelier perspective.