You Just Don't Get It - Toya Johnson & Reginae Carter

You Just Don't Get It

By Toya Johnson & Reginae Carter

  • Release Date: 2017-10-26
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
5 Score: 5 (From 222 Ratings)
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The relationship between mother and daughter can often be a difficult maze to navigate. It's ever-changing and effected by so many outside forces from friends to social media. Those things have forced the relationship to evolve and adapt to the new ways we communicate and problem solve. It all basically comes down to this...our daughters are looking to us for guidance in this world and for answers that we might not always have. Let's face it, not all of us had the best relationships with our mothers and we certainly don’t want our daughters to suffer in the same ways, nor do we want our relationships with them to suffer that same fate. "You Just Don't Get It!" gives you a peek into the world of me and my daughter, Reginae. It invites you to see how I've dealt with obstacles when raising a daughter while trying to figure out how to break a cycle of teen pregnancy and missed opportunities. In no way is this a “how to” manual to parenting; but simply my story of how I have attempted to raise my daughter and give her tools so that she can live the life I have always dreamed for her or whatever life she desires for herself. It’s was an amazing journey and I hope yours will be too.


  • Great Read!

    By Chequelle Brown
    It’s honest and I really see some of the things I took my mom through when I was a teenager. I really enjoyed this Mother and daughter collaboration...I called my mom right after I finished reading this. ❤️
  • You Just Don’t Get It

    By Watching Me
    OMG! I love this book so much. My daughter is only 3yrs old and I am happy that I read this book. Thank you so much for writing this book. And it a great book and showing me what to look for when my daughter becomes a teen.
  • Hey

    By AkaQueenA
    Great read love u guys 💜
  • Awesome Book

    By _bossybella
    This is a great book to use as a learning tool for a mother-daughter relationship! As I was reading this book, I found it so relatable as for me and my mom. It was a great read
  • You Just Don't Get It

    By M McGuire
    Toya has teamed up with her daughter, Reginae, to have an open conversation about mother-daughter relationships, including the high points, the lows, & even the uncomfortable topics. Miscommunication is common between mothers and daughters but we see that the advice given and misunderstandings still come from a loving place. The book emphasizes that building a strong relationship takes time and is a process of give and take. Honesty & open communication is also a major takeaway from this book. Mothers, daughters, future mommies, & even women/girls who didn't have a mother figure in their lives will truly appreciate and enjoy this read! ☺️
  • More details

    By ladibossj
    I wanted more from reginae more of her story the friends she dealt with i loved toya as she explained her life and wouldvde loved her experiences with her parents as well.
  • Love it!!

    By EricaStarIam
    Very relatable and real!! ❤️
  • Wonderful

    By ShayShay💙
    This book was beautiful! I can’t wait to share it with my mom and sister!
  • Great read!!!

    By De'Nauri ❤️
    Very detailed and inspiring read!
  • ...

    By Semajdiamond
    Love it!!! Very informative & tastefully written...finished it in 2 hours💕