Captivate - Jessica Sorensen


By Jessica Sorensen

  • Release Date: 2017-08-14
  • Genre: Fantasy
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Everly has never been normal. For as long as she can remember, she’s been able to sense others’ despair. To ignore the overwhelming emotions, she keeps her distance from everyone. But when she crosses paths with Nico, his sadness is so unbearable that she can no longer just ignore her gift. 

Nico Everson has been suffering in silence for hundreds of years. He was once a servant to the Gods, but after plotting to overthrow them, he was cast down to earth and sentenced to a lifetime of carrying the Gods’ despair. As part of his punishment, he’s been forbidden to touch Everly, a Balance who has the power to free him from his curse. The problem is that whenever Nico is near her, all he can think about is touching her. 

When Everly decides to step out of her comfort zone and try to help Nico, his will to keep his distance fades. He’ll do just about anything to be close to her, so when he receives an offer from an old friend to help him break the curse, he latches onto the opportunity. But with the freedom, comes many risks. 

Suggested reading age 18+