Damaged - Willow Winters


By Willow Winters

  • Release Date: 2017-11-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 13 Ratings)
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It was easy to love her.

Kat knew better than to get involved with a man like me, all tattoos and muscle. No one in Brooklyn thought it would last, but I wasn’t about to let her get away.

I got her in my bed, and I ruined her for anyone else. I made her mine.

I gave her everything but the truth.

But you can’t outrun your sins forever. 
And there’s no end to the damage mine will cause if she ever finds out the truth.

Author Note: Things aren't what they seem. This book is not about cheating. 
Damaged is the first book in this duet.



    By Bookbytch5
    OMG Willow what a heartbreaking 💔💔story about Evan and Kat. I was pulled in from the first page and couldn’t put it down, Let me say i cries ugly tears for the pain that evan and kat went through, They have a roller coster of a relationship. Now the question is can 2 Damaged souls heal each other. I voluntarily read an advances copy. A MUST READ WARNING - THIS BOOK ENDS IN A CLIFFHANGER
  • Amazing, as always

    By lynnecuda
    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. I absolutely love everything written by this author. And this book is no exception. But talk about crying!!! I don’t think I ever stopped!!! So emotional no matter whether I was reading Evan’s POV or Kat’s! They were equally heartbreaking. Evan is the tatted bad boy but Kat fell in love and despite all the misgivings she married him because she fell in love!! And still loved him. But something was going wrong. Evan showed up in a picture with his boss’s wife at 3:00am in a hotel lobby! What would you think? The same thing Kat thinks, right? That he’s cheating!!!!????He’s going to lose Kat because he won’t tell her the truth she says. But he says it’s not what it looks like. Although he won’t deny anything to the press! Kat really would take him back but is afraid of what her friends would think of her. That is her dilemma throughout the book. What she wants vs what she thinks she SHOULD want. We spend as much time as Kat not knowing what it is that Evan is hiding ( there are several things, old and new). Sometimes I want to shake both of them! Evan is holding on to a job that gives him a party lifestyle that perhaps he should have outgrown? It is also a somewhat dangerous lifestyle that could backfire on him. I feel concerned about those he works for too, as though I don’t feel comfortable trusting them? As for Kat, she admits in her musings that she may be partly responsible for the problems in their marriage because she became a workaholic whereas before they were partners. I’m asking whether they could have found something to do together that could have gotten them out of the party lifestyle at the same time or soon thereafter? Just wondering... They are both damaged and both responsible for this broken marriage. But what if Evan’s secrets are so big that they will tear the couple further apart or what if there’s something that he could be set up for illegally? Is Kat needing space more important than standing together?? I have no clue where this story is going! It’s already made me cry buckets! Can this damaged couple that loves each other so much find a way back together to an HEA ? I need the next book!!
  • Great story!

    By 2g3
    I was provided an ARC for an honest review. I'm a huge fan of this author, but to me this book was slow to get started. It's a great story, and you'll feel the passion and turmoil in their relationship, but it just seemed a little repetitive; however, that being said, I'm still anxiously awaiting the next book! I think the love story is very true to life in that when major events happen in a relationship and serious choices have to be made, it's not always easy making a decision when it comes to matters of the heart.
  • Is it too late?

    By Szmoromou
    Damaged, such a strong word and the perfect title for Willow Winter's latest release. This story tore my heart to pieces from the very beginning to bitter end. Evan and Kat have the kind of love that many don't see in a lifetime. But with time, that love had become victimized by lies, secrets and deceit. In the beginning, Kat fell hard for the bad boy, and as much as Evan tried to deny what he felt for Kat in the end he fell just as hard. They were inseparable, partying with Evan's clients and loving one another like crazy. As Kat's carrier took off, they started to spend less time together. Evan once loved the rush he felt when he was out doing his job, but the last couple of months it has felt more like a prison. As much as he wants out, he can't because of a secret that has damned him to hell. Kat is finally at the top of her game, one of the biggest sought out editors in New York. However, her fame has costed her personal life. Slowly Kat and Evan find that their drifting further and further apart. So when rumors surface that Evan is unfaithful, and he doesn't deny it, Kat questions his actions. I am a sucker for a good girl turning a bad boy around. I had high hopes that Kat would be able to pull Evan out of the hell he was drowning in, but the lies, secrets and deceit drowned their love instead. It is so evident how much they love each other. How much they both need each other like their next breath. But he terrible secret that Evan is keeping is eating him up and destroying any trust that Kat has for her husband. Can Kat and Evan survive this or is it finally over?
  • MUST Read!!

    By Andrea416
    I started Damaged knowing that it would be something I enjoyed because, let's face it, Willow Winters wrote it. However I did not expect the instant emotions she would make me feel with her brilliant words. Damaged is so beautifully written that you find yourself effortlessly lost in the world of Kat and Evan. I want to know right away what happened and want everything to be fixed so the pain will stop, but I can't help but want it go slow and steady. Experiencing what Kat experiences, trying to figure out just what the heck Evan did and how he is going to fix it, and feeling the love they so deeply feel for each other. With Damaged you get it all. You get love, heartbreak, friendship, hot sex, a villain or maybe two (jury's still out), and suspense of what could happen to Evan. The ending had me wishing Scarred was already out, but on the other hand, I need a minute to compose myself. This story is just absolutely amazing. Willow Winters writes a story so well you forget it's not real. You're instantly transported into the lives and minds of Evan and Kat and it's the best experience. I highly recommend you read Damaged. It's well worth the cliffhanger.
  • Lies... Thruths... Varying Degrees of Both!

    How does a marriage survive when you're caught on film in a very compromising position and while they say a picture can say a thousand words, just what are the words they are really saying? Tortured soul Evan ponders this very question everyday. Caught between a rock and a hard place, there are aspects of some jobs that cannot be disclosed even to the ones closest to you, wives included. Secrets, lies, half thruths... what's real and what is not? Is love and blind faith enough enough to get you through something that may seem unsurmountable, or do you give up the fight? That is the very question our dear heroine Kat asks herself on a daily basis. Willow Winters takes you on a very emotional rollercoaster ... have a box of tissues ready my fellow readers... I cannot say enough wonderful things about Willow. Her writing is smart, funny, light, dark, sexy, erotic and spellbinding. I personally cannot get enough of her stories and anxiously await the next installment and I'll willing to bet you will too!
  • Heart consuming

    By Mikie99
    Oh my achingly painful heart! This is very emotional so have those tissues handy. A creative story from Willow Winters and really so unlike others I’ve read. Can’t wait for the conclusion! Got this early version and this is what I really thought of it.
  • Must Read

    By VL1979
    Another phenomenal read that had me glued from chapter 1. Evan & Kat will have you going on an emotional rollercoaster ride. There is hurt, betrayal and lies that will destroy them but Evan is determined to keep his wife. I can’t wait for Scarred because I need to know what will happen next for Kat & Evan.

    By aries_sword
    Soul-Stirring read that tugs your heart as you are lured into the lives of Kat and Evan. Two ships passing in the wind have been their marriage for awhile due to their jobs. Evan has been harboring secrets he fears will end their marriage but Kat believes he has been lying to her which has her reeling in pain. They still deeply love each other but she now believes that love is not enough to keep them together. Evan's love for Kat is so true and he knows deep in his tormented soul that he is the blame for their issues; he will do whatever it takes to fix what is broken. UNFORGETTABLE fabulously well-written story. The reality of this story is quite impressive and keeps you turning pages until the last word. The author has weaved words with poetry to help you visualize the mental anguish that both Kat and Evan feel. The story also shows their happy times together. There is a bit of action and the vivid steamy romance scenes are breathtaking. I felt sincere empathy for both Kat & Evan and I yearn to learn the end of their story. I did find this to be a most gratifying read; relished it and {voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy.} Without, reservations I recommend this read.
  • Emotional and Consuming of your Soul

    By Momto3Mnms
    I highly recommend reading Damaged: A Poetry Collection before starting this book. It will get you started on becoming fully submerged in Kat and Evan’s story. This book consumed every waking moment while reading this book. My emotions where all over the place. It makes you wonder how would you react in those situations. It’s a phenomenal read and I can’t wait to read Scarred and find out what happens with Kat and Evan. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.