Edge of Forever - Pippa DaCosta

Edge of Forever

By Pippa DaCosta

  • Release Date: 2017-07-14
  • Genre: Fantasy
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The end is hereā€¦

Apophis has risen. New York is on its knees. Nothing stands in the way of the gods.

Or so it would seem. 

But there is no light without darkness and no truth without lies. The Soul Eater has one last chance to save the world, if he can resist the temptation to destroy it. 

The international bestselling Soul Eater series concludes in Edge of Forever. 

Soul Eater series reading order:
Hidden Blade, #1
Witches' Bane, #2
See No Evil, #3
Scorpion Trap, #4
Serpent's Game, #5
Edge of Forever, #6