Living Again - LL Collins

Living Again

By LL Collins

  • Release Date: 2017-07-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 77 Ratings)
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Kayley Carson thought she had it all...married to the love of her life, a great job, and a baby on the way. Then one day, her life changes forever when she loses her husband in a tragic accident. No longer sure how to navigate life after her enormous loss, Kayley clings to her newborn baby, her family, and her friends to keep herself living. 

When she meets someone that challenges her belief that she's better off alone, she has to decide if she is capable of letting him in after swearing she was never going to love anyone the same way again. 

She's not the only one with a painful past. He is struggling with trust issues after a previous relationship went horribly wrong. After a terrible misunderstanding brings out both of their insecurities, will the painful memories of the past keep them both from living again?


  • Amazing read

    By Cbdavis1610
    The first chapter ha done in tears. Such a heart felt book. It’s almost as if you are feeling what the characters are going through. An amazing read!!!
  • Living again

    By NolaWin65
    This book is unnecessarily wordy and absolutely too syrupy sweet. On top of that, she wrote two men in the story that are exactly the same. I’m all for the sweet guy but my’re beautiful, the greatest, and I love you every other word is too much. There is a lot of crying in the book from both parties. Some is justified but a lot of it is just ridiculous. This is supposed to be romantic but is really sappy. I’ve been skimming and still haven’t finished. Ugh!
  • Living Again book 1 by LL Collins

    By Jedewey
    What an amazing life touching book, the story line is so incredible it captures your heart from the beginning, Kay’s story of a young widow is so powerful she can’t put the book down to see what happens next. Well written with minor typos but it has a great beginning and ending. Can’t wait to read the complete series. A must read.....
  • Living Again Book 1

    By Love chihuahuas
    WOW!!!! This book puts you through so many emotions. And man is it worth it. Excellent book. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Living again

    By Fluke fan
    Wonderful book and so yummy!
  • Living again

    By Ahnh061007
    This was an amazing book one! So emotional! I could relate to so many things in this book. I love how the writer actually wrote how the baby would talk for the reader to imagine!
  • Living Again - Book One: L.L. Collins

    By ChavyMe
    Well, at first I thought it was a little boring but after Ben character emerges, I was really enjoyed reading this book. I had a hard time put it down. I stayed late to read because I didn't have time during the day. I have to admit, it turns out that I really love this book, it has to be one of the best book I have read so far. I. cannot wait to read the rest of the series. Maybe, Rachel's story is next. We can't leave her sad story untold, right?
  • Sweet loving story

    By LunaM33
    Living again is a story about trusting yourself to allow second chances. Sweet characters, loving relationships and romantic moments make this a wonderful read. Can't wait to explore the next stories.
  • Living Again by L. L. Collins

    By ccruz203
    This book is amazing. I cried so hard at the beginning when Kaylee's husband dies, but I was so glad to see her love again. Such a classic love story! Can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Living again

    By Step up girl
    This was a true love story I think I cried all the way through it Ben is such a Prince Charming