The Evolution of the RPO - Brent Dearmon

The Evolution of the RPO

By Brent Dearmon

  • Release Date: 2017-06-23
  • Genre: Football
5 Score: 5 (From 12 Ratings)
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  • Description

    Dearmon and Haas present the evolution of RPO which started with Gus Malzahn’s Auburn offense as the base.  This book details the RPO as it is used with the gap schemes such as power and counter, the inside and outside zone, and the buck sweep with multiple pass options.


    • The Evolution of the RPO

      By Coach J Keith
      The Evolution of the RPO was an easy read. Very detailed and broke it down for even the beginning coach. One of the best parts is how he explains why to run a specific RPO and then shows you how with video. Also putting in how to practice it is a huge help in trying to move a high school offense to this style of play.
    • Must buy

      By Coach Ron Mckie
      This is the best book on RPOs on the market. Coach Dearmon walks you through his run game, the RPOs he attaches to his run game, and the reason why he uses these RPOs. If you want to learn about RPOs or want to learn some new RPOs for the upcoming season, then this is the book for you.
    • Great resource for any offense!

      By Coach Grab
      Coach Dearmon and Coach Haas did an excellent job in explaining the process that they used in implementing RPO’s into an already powerful offense that Coach Dearmon learned from Coach Malzahn. This is a valuable resource for any offensive coach looking to include RPO’s in an offensive attack. Keith Grabowski
    • Must read!!

      By Coach Widener
      This book is excellent for someone who's looking for versatility in their offense and answers to everything the defense does both pre and post snap. The detail this book goes into for each RPO concept off of each run scheme is tremendous. You will have no question of how to teach or execute an RPO effectively when you finish this book. Definitely worth the read!!
    • Great Book!

      By Knox B
      This book is a tremendous resource for any coach that wants to score more points! Coach Dearmon does a great job of explaining the WHY behind their schemes and philosophy. This book is a must read for all coaches!
    • Evolution of the RPO

      By Coach Grady Baggett
      This book is a must have for any serious football coach. Coach Dearmon is one of the sharpest football minds at any level of the game. He is a tremendous teacher who makes high level football easy to learn. This book teaches concepts in great detail that will help any football team score more points and win more games. These concepts can be adapted to make any offense more effective regardless of what your offensive identity is or what talents your players may have from year to year.
    • Awesome Read

      By Tomhshgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgd
      Loved every second of this book. Coach Dearmon makes this book for all levels of coaches to learn about the RPO and how to implement in your own offense.
    • The Evolution of the RPO

      By Coach BJ Ruis
      This digital book is in depth w/ how the game of football has changed. Giving the rules in zone & gap schemes on RPO w/ video to go along with it really helps you understand the concepts more in depth. Not only know what or how to do it, but a chapter on telling you how to practice it is beneficial. You want to change your game as a coach & put a defense on their heels?; then this is what you need!
    • The Evolution of the RPO

      By CoachDougGoodwin
      The Evolution of the RPO is a must read for all football coaches interested in this innovative facet of modern football. Coach Dearmon shows us the advantages of implementing these modern offensive strategies with sound, time tested principals that move the football, put points on the scoreboard and help win football games. This book is packed with information from their philosophy, to how they practice and play. It's complete with easy to read diagrams and video footage of the offense in action. I highly recommend this book to all football coaches. Coach Doug Goodwin