The M in Man Is for Money - Passport Cutty

The M in Man Is for Money

By Passport Cutty

  • Release Date: 2017-04-03
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
5 Score: 5 (From 16 Ratings)
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The book takes you on a journey through a rinse cycle of serial dating and personal struggles as you read how Ms. Cutty searches for and finds her purpose. Along the way, you’ll learn how to handle men concerning money while dating, living together, or just plain having a pecuniary relationship. She offers tips on conditioning men to foot the dinner bill to the household bills. You’ll gain advice on which men to avoid, which men to maximize and which men to never get serious with. Passport Cutty shares her stumbles and mistakes so the reader can learn from and identify with her failures. Her honesty and authenticity will amaze you. This book is a guaranteed way to get reassured, enlightened, and learn more about your relationships with men and money.

This book focuses on women, men, and money in relation to dating and relationships. Do you ever wonder what the "rules" are? Why does it seem like I'm always paying for dates with men? Should I give him a chance even if he doesn't have any money? Does it matter that I make more than him? Is it okay to split rent? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions then this book is for you.


  • Phenomenal

    By RobynHeaRtz
    Cutty I’m super proud of you. I related in so many ways as well as seen things from a different point of view I never even thought of. Thanks for being genuine and transparent in this book. I finished in a few hours and by the end of the chapter I was wanting more. You’ve inspired me and pushed me to finally complete things I left incomplete. A must read to those wondering. You won’t be disappointed except for when you come to the last page wanting more.
  • W O W

    By Nia0289
    This book really opened up my eyes to things. I felt like a best friend was talking to me and looking out for my best interest. Not just how to get what you want/can from a guy (since they usually have an agenda themselves, so I don't feel bad) but how to look out for yourself in the future. I actually learned a few things that no one has ever told me about and I'm glad I came across this book. You're able to learn through her experiences. I can't wait for more books from you Cutty!!
  • Loved It!!

    By Alyncia
    This book is a definite must read! This book opened my eyes to a lot of errors I have been making in past relationships. I can now do better in my current relationship because of this book! Gave me a lot of confidence to speak my mind we're in past situations I would shy away. I know ALOT of women can relate. Love it, Cutty you on your best ish with this one!
  • Great READ!!

    By LavishlyTrill
    Cutty you did a great job. Read this book in 2 hrs! It put so much on perspective as far as dating and when you're in a relationship. Been following Cutty on twitter for years and she always kept it real and is very relatable especially for women in their 20s like me. This book just goes to show you what to expect from different type of men when you put your foot down and let them know what is what.
  • Yasss Cutty!!

    By Kera129
    Cutty did a phenomenal job. She is straightforward, bold, and uncut. I love how she dropped gems and showed us the flip side of things. If I had this book about 2yrs prior... man listen! Lol but great job Cutty!! I look forward to reading more of you work :)
  • Great Book!

    By Jersey Nik
    This was an excellent book! I literally read it in one sitting. I couln’t put it down until I was FINISHED. As a woman in a long term relationship I didn’t think the book would relate to me. However after reading I’ve reflected on my past and what I want for my future. I have been following Passport Cutty on social media for a while and have always been entertained and gained knowledge. The book is no different!
  • Must read

    By asglenn
    Great book . Couldn't put the book down
  • Just what I needed..

    By Chellebabe_1
    So, Ive been following Cutty for some years now on social media. I knew I had to get my hands on the book quickly but didn't want to wait for it to ship so I purchased the iBook and read it on the treadmill/elliptical until I finished it. Inspired! Not only did I get tips on what I should be doing to assess my relationships (situationships), I started to think about how I was selling myself short by not traveling and seeing the world at a young age. I just feel like it's time for me to do what I need to do to be happy. Have fun, buy the shoes (pay your rent first lol), take the trips, have fabulous dinners and don't settle. I have new standards and I stand behind them. My best life is coming. Thank you, Alex! Xo -Chelle
  • You're going to LOVE this!

    By Jteriyaki
    First things first, this is NOT a book about gold digging or man stealing. This book is an unassuming coming of age tale. The author shares a raw and refreshing look into the fast paced lifestyle she lead in her early 20s. While unapologetically materialistic and crafty, there is significant growth by the end. This is the older sister/cousin/friend who's been there and done that... and now she's written a book. I don't know if I would have the courage to be so transparent and I definitely did my early 20s wrong! LOL From the direct (and inadvertent) tips on how to get what you want from a man, Cutty asks the reader to categorize herself to figure out where she's going wrong. As it turns out, I'm TOO independent. Who knew??! I found the book helpful in reiterating that there's nothing weak about wanting or needing help and that you have to let the Man be the man! That position is earned, ladies. As a woman who has routinely found herself drained from doing it all, I learned to step back and let him handle things as necessary. I have followed Cutty for years! I have enjoyed her humor, wit, and wisdom for free via social media... I was NOT disappointed in my first purchase from her. If you're new to the CuttyClique.... this is a great introduction. Welcome!
  • Great read

    By Shawn Brown OHD
    Great read, very insightful. City was open and honest to ensure you're not getting a biased perspective. Also learned a lot about myself as a woman, and about men. Can't wait for the next book!