Lost Lyric - Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

Lost Lyric

By Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

  • Release Date: 2017-05-12
  • Genre: Music
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 10 Ratings)
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He’s her good boy gone bad… 

Rockstar Ryan Waters has always been the responsible one in his band, Warning Sign. The guy who kept an eye on business while chasing his musical dreams with his best friends. And his closest friend lately just happens to be their tour bus driver, Denver Casey.

Denver Casey is on the run from her past, and she’s careful to stay within her boundaries. Until Ryan becomes her partner in crime and one by one, those boundaries start to crumble. He’s the exact opposite from the guy she’s tried so desperately to leave behind.

Then Ryan turns up missing. And her terror that he’s hurt—or worse—leads to something dark and intoxicating. They both love adrenaline, except this time, the addiction is each other.

Falling for her best friend means putting everything on the line, win or lose. But if her hidden past comes back to haunt them, she might also end up risking her life.

And Ryan’s.


  • Whoa!! Rockstar with a Twist

    By KSP91301
    Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott always give good rockstars. Though this time their hot rockstar story took an edgy turn that ramped up the sexxy and added a suspenseful twist that kicked up the excitement level an extra notch or three. It doesn't take long for Warning Sign's master-of-all-instruments, Ryan Waters, and their tour bus driver, Denver Casey, to add benefits to their close friendship. It's supposed to be for only one night, but neither expected such an undeniable passion to erupt between them. One night isn't nearly enough to slake their hunger. Suddenly their time on the road between gigs becomes a lot hotter. Denver has particular needs that Ryan is a master at fulfilling. I liked that both were so secure in their wants, making no apologies nor expressing no shame. Because of that, their chemistry was explosive. The mystery was unexpected, with one revelation a total shock that made me gasp. Although I've read this duo often enough I should know by now to expect the unexpected. They're masters at intertwining storylines and creating twists that aren't predictable, which is as aggravating as it's celebrated. The foundation was laid for at least two future books. Just enough was revealed to make me wanna howl in frustration at the wait, because both have all the hallmarks of being exceptional and leaning more towards the erotic spectrum. Count. Me. In. Lost Lyric may have started as your typical rockstar story, but it quickly had my heart pounding in excitement-for a couple of reasons. ;) 4.5 stars
  • Another good read in this series

    By Christine Miller28
    This series is such a fun rock star series! I love that this upcoming band is a band of "brothers". They always have each other's backs. This story is Ryan and Denver's story. They are best friends and things become so much more. Denver has a past that she is running from and Ryan just wants to be the person she runs to. I thought the story was a great story. I had a harder time falling in love with Denver's character. I loved Ryan and his relentless pursuit of Denver even when she continued to push him away. The middle of the story got a little long as she continued to push Ryan away. I did warm up to Denver, but it took me a little longer. I love this band though and I love how we get to see the couples from before in every book. I'm excited to read the next story!
  • Another hit in a great series

    By tree7404
    My favorite trope is friends before lover and Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot with this edition of found in oblivion was one of the best. Ryan and Denver are great together. Having them lean on each other and their friendship is great. Can they help each other through their pasts and issues. These two together is great one of my favorite couples in this series. I also love the fact in this series you get to see all of the people in the band and here from the significant others. You get to keep up with the whole lot of them. Can't wait for the rest of the band to pair up and more books by this pair of wonderful authors.
  • Stop looking and just get it!

    By CaitlinCaribbean
    Loved, loved, love this book!! Ryan, my favorite in the smoking band Warning Sign, because he can play anything and therefore isn't a diva, and Denver - a no nonsense, say it like it is kinda gal who's their tour bus driver, are best friends. That by itself could be a few books just for the antics a band gets into while on tour, but add in a fabulous 'best friends into lovers' storyline and everything becomes WOW! There's a little D/s, lots of hotness, some unexpected mystery, plenty of chaos (rock band, duh), and enough passion to make you love these two. I'm nominating them for "Best Couple of the Year". I was given an ARC for an honest review. I loved this book, but I haven't found anything by Taryn and Cari that isn't spectacular. Enjoy!!!
  • You Will Love It!

    By ExoricD
    Awesome addition to the series! I loved hearing this story of best friends turned lovers. This explosive pair reminds you how all relationships should start, from a great friendship. Denver was extremely loyal to Ryan and cared for his well being even he was a reckless jerk. Denver was there when he reached his lowest point and that's what makes her an even better woman. Ryan kept her safe as possible even when he had no idea what was going on. Her history made the novel even better, I can't wait until the next one!
  • Best friends-to-lovers with a suspenseful twist!

    By Litljen00
    Lost Lyric is the 4th book in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott's Found in Oblivion series and the dynamic writing duo continues to wow readers with stories that go well beyond their expectations. The book can definitely be read as a standalone but I do recommend reading all of the books in the series (and the original Lost in Oblivion series) simply because they are all amazing and you are missing out if you haven't done so! With Lost Lyric, Quinn and Elliott bring an element of suspense and mystery to an already established series, giving the readers not only a beautifully sexy story but one that will keep them guessing until the very end. There are secrets and surprises throughout and just when I thought the story was going to go in one direction, it takes a turn in a completely different one. It was perfectly executed making this story one that is not to be missed! Lost Lyric is a best friends-to-lovers story and I'm a true sucker for this particular trope as it is one of my absolute favorites. Denver and Ryan's friendship and mutual love for one another is evident throughout and as their love story builds, readers will fall right alongside them. Quinn and Elliott are known for their sexy stories and they do not disappoint with this book. It is extremely sexy and steamy...I'm talking incinerate your panties HOT....and written to perfection! With hints of what's to come for the rest of the members of the band, readers will be looking forward to the next book in this series. Do not miss out on Lost Lyric because this one is a masterpiece!