Royal Mistake #2 - Ember Casey & Renna Peak

Royal Mistake #2

By Ember Casey & Renna Peak

  • Release Date: 2017-02-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
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As the crown prince, I’ve devoted my life to Montovia. My one mistake has already cost me dearly, and I find I must now take more drastic measures to regain the trust of the people.

Victoria can help me to do just that. And though she finds my plan ridiculous, it is the only way to regain what I’ve lost. 

But she continues to surprise me. And after our ordeal, I find I’m unable to find comfort anywhere but in her arms.

I can't stay away from her, but I know that because of my position, she and I can never be together.


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  • Excellent!

    By JLKeniston
    What a page turner! Prince Andrew has now hired Victoria to write his story after every one on Motrovia thinks he’s tried to kill himself. Not so but Andrew has a plan to save himself as the future King. Of course its a crazy plan but he is certain Victoria can help him pull it off! Little does he realize he already has whe he needs but he cannot see it right in front of his face. It is such a page turner I finished it quickly! I loved it and cannot wait for the next installment!!