Elderberry Croft Volume 2: April Shadows, May Enchantment, & June Melody - Becky Doughty

Elderberry Croft Volume 2: April Shadows, May Enchantment, & June Melody

By Becky Doughty

  • Release Date: 2016-11-06
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
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Originally published as a monthly serial novel, ELDERBERRY CROFT: VOLUME 2 is the second installment (Episodes 4, 5, & 6) in the tale of one young woman’s journey toward HOPE AND HEALING, and the people whose lives she transforms along the way.

The Coach House Trailer Park is the last stop on the road of life. But one day, on a crisp January breeze, Willow Goodhope sweeps into the neighborhood, moving into the lonely little shack on the other side of the driveway, bringing her potted plants, her elderberry gifts, and her outrageous laughter. The Coach House residents can't resist her charm as she breathes new life into hardened hearts, yet there's something about Willow, a terrible sadness that hovers at the back of her enigmatic eyes, and it has everyone talking, wondering, worrying. Kathy overhears her sobbing in her kitchen. Doc catches her burning letters in her fire pit. Myra swears she drinks alone out on her patio in the middle of the night. Patti knows the beautiful girl is after her husband, and Eddie and Donny, forever-feuding brothers, are competing to see who can make her smile first, even though they're both fairly sure she'd prefer her men with real jobs, real homes, and real teeth. What brings the mysterious Willow Goodhope of Elderberry Croft to this dead end place? From what—or whom—is she hiding? And will her new "family" be able to rescue her before it's too late?

The Cat Lady in Space #8 never sets foot outside her trailer, at least not in the light of day, where she might have to interact with people. She prefers the quiet, predictable sounds of the night, and the company of her rescued cats. But one brisk April morning, Willow Goodhope shows up at her door, knocking her perfectly-ordered world off its familiar axis. And when the stillness is further interrupted by the man in the shadows, Shelly Little must come to terms with her past, in order to face her future. 

For the last fifteen years, managing The Coach House Trailer Park has kept Eddie Banks busy, if not exactly fulfilled. He’s made it his mission to serve and protect the residences, even if it means setting aside his own aspirations, and he’s grown accustomed to his lot in life, comfortable in his lowered expectations. But the new girl, Willow Goodhope, with her wild hair and outrageous laugh, has stirred up the neighborhood with her drama. She’s making waves, and Eddie finds himself being a little swept off his feet, too. When he discovers there may be a stalker on the premises, he steps in, ready to prove his worth to the girl in Space #12. But coming face to face with the Shadowman, and his claims on Willow, has Eddie questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. 

Myra believes her doctor when he assures her she’s going to die, but doesn’t believe him when he says it’ll probably be of old age. She’s been waiting patiently for her heart to give out on her, or her eyesight to fade, or her kidneys to fail. So when she has an encounter with a deadly rattlesnake, she must come to grips with the fact that maybe she needs to start living again, rather than spending her last years sitting around waiting to die.