The Far East Trilogy - Stephen Becker

The Far East Trilogy

By Stephen Becker

  • Release Date: 2016-10-25
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
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Three thrillers set in WWII-era Asia by a New York Times–bestselling author who writes “like a cross between Joseph Conrad and James Clavell” (Houston Chronicle).
“A master of terse, ironic dialogue,” the author of A Covenant with Death presents a trilogy that journeys from the Gobi Desert to Peking to Burma in the chaotic years following the Second World War (Kirkus Reviews).
The Chinese Bandit: An American ex-marine must run for his life in the cutthroat atmosphere of postwar China, pursued by both a dangerous criminal and Chiang Kai-shek’s forces. This one “will keep readers turning pages through the night” (Los Angeles Times).
The Last Mandarin: An American mercenary chases a Japanese war criminal through the war-torn streets of Peking in this “fascinating . . . exciting” adventure (ThePhiladelphia Inquirer).
The Blue-Eyed Shan: The battle between East and West explodes in a remote corner of Burma, as an anthropologist in an isolated mountain village finds himself fighting to save the people he loves from the Chinese Red Army and a fearsome tribe of headhunters. A thriller “as exciting as Raiders of the Lost Ark” (Publishers Weekly).
Described as “absolutely ripping adventure” by Time and “sublime entertainment” by John Irving, the Far East Trilogy is an unforgettable saga filled with suspense, epic scope, and rich historical atmosphere.

Praise for The Chinese Bandit
“Becker’s most exciting novel. He creates an atmosphere as convincing as his plot is compelling.” —Los Angeles Times
“An action novel, a chop-suey western, of great merit. The narrative is as terse and suggestive as a scroll painting.” —The New York Times Book Review
“Breathlessly exciting.” —Cosmopolitan
Praise for The Last Mandarin
“A Chinese banquet of a book . . . so rich and allusive the senses are almost overpowered.” —Los Angeles Times
“Becker is a strong writer with a special feel for the Orient at its darkest and dirtiest. . . . Vivid.” —Kirkus Reviews
Praise for The Blue-Eyed Shan
“White-knuckle adventure . . . Read this novel and hang on to your hat.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“A rare fusion of first-rate storytelling . . . superb literary style, and sweeping entertainment . . . Extraordinary.” —Los Angeles Times
“A fine, rich, true book by a gifted storyteller.” —Newsday

Stephen Becker (1927–1999) was an American author, translator, and teacher whose published works include eleven novels and the English translations of Elie Wiesel’s The Town Behind the Wall and André Malraux’s The Conquerors. He was born in Mount Vernon, New York, and after serving in World War II, he graduated from Harvard University and studied in Peking and Paris, where he was friends with the novelist Richard Wright and learned French in part by reading detective novels. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Becker taught at numerous schools throughout the United States, including the University of Iowa, Bennington College, and the University of Central Florida in Orlando. His best-known works include A Covenant with Death (1965), which was adapted into a Warner Brothers film starring Gene Hackman and George Maharis; When the War Is Over (1969), a Civil War novel based on the true story of a teenage Confederate soldier executed more than a month after Lee’s surrender; and the Far East trilogy of literary adventure novels: The Chinese Bandit (1975), The Last Mandarin (1979), and The Blue-Eyed Shan (1982).