Millions - Pepper Winters


By Pepper Winters

  • Release Date: 2016-06-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
5 Score: 5 (From 91 Ratings)
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“Love had been given and taken and now…it had been stolen. No one steals from a thief—especially from me—and I will defend what’s mine until my dying breath. It’s not a question of what I’m willing to sacrifice but who to deserve her…”

Once upon a time, I stupidly believed if I could make Elder fall for me, everything would be perfect. 
Now, I’m missing, and he’s hunting, and everything is far from our happily ever after. 
He gave me his heart, and I gave him my promise, but true love isn’t sacred to others. 
War is coming, disaster is brewing, and I’m not going down without a fight.
Elder is mine.
I am his. 
And no one can keep us apart. 

The fifth and Final book in the USA Today Bestselling Series


  • Loved this series!!

    By Gail716
    I was a little scared reading thru this series after the first book which was very dark but sooooo glad I did! Really good story and writing!
  • Priceless read

    By Her.R
    Best series out there. My favorite work by Pepper Winters or any other author. Billions??
  • Millions ❤️❤️

    By rsrivera
    I can’t even describe the thrill and emotions you’ll go through once you start reading the first book 📖 it’s mind blowing!!!!! Spectacular! So much suspense, edginess and so so intoxicating that you will not want to STOP 🛑 reading 📖!!! Pepper winters I can’t thank you enough for being the brilliant and talented amazing writer that you ARE!!! ❤️❤️
  • Millions Is Priceless!!

    By Nuts4cereal
    Oh my heart! I have to start this review by saying that this entire series blew my mind in a way that I didn’t think was possible! From Pennies to Millions, I have been on the edge of my seat waiting-no, craving to live in Pim and Elder’s world and now that I have crossed the finish line with their story.........I am left with a MASSIVE book hangover! I promise there are NO spoilers in this review. I couldn’t do that to those who have been with Pim and Elder since day one. So feel free to read on with your mind at ease. As I waited for Millions to be released, I already had my expectations set for the book. I expected it to be well written. I expected it to keep me guessing. I wanted it to rip me to pieces, then make me whole and then do it all over again. And again and again. Well...... I can happily say with my mind still buzzing that this book exceeded my expectations miles apart from what I thought I was going to be reading. Pepper Winters writing and way of storytelling throughout the series has been on another level but with Millions, she has ascended to another planet. Pim, Elder and even her side characters are those special kind of book figures that you can’t help but become invested in. Characters that stick and stay with you long after you’ve read other books. When Elder fell, I fell with him. When Pim rose, I rose with her. I felt their pain. Jumped the obstacles with them together. I was joyous in their love. And like them, I had to see their story to the end- regardless the outcome. Millions picks up right where Thousands left off. No fuss, no muss. Just a rushing sonic wave that crashes onto page one and echoes through to the final page. You get the final answers and outcomes. You get to revisit with characters from the past which could be familiar or new to you. Simply put, it is a wonderfully mind bending experience that I am excited for you to read. This book offered me a helping of what I wanted with a serving of what I didn’t. And as crazy as it may sound, that combination became my Phantom. Because as you know, the Phantom was built with specifics. Specifics that made it perfect in every way. For me, Millions was put together in the same fashion because it truly is the definition of perfection. I can’t think of a better way to end this amazing series and if I could rate this book (the series actually) higher than five stars, I would because it deserves it. If you haven’t started the series and are just thinking about trying it out...please do. This is coming from one reader to another. All five books are out. Just be sure you have time on your hands because you will be addicted but definitely not disappointed. Round of applause Pepper Winters. Round of applause!
  • Perfect

    By TGC91810
    Perfect ending to a great story. Most serials seem to conclude as soon as the conflict ends. Glad that we had some time after to see the aftermath of Elder and Pim. Biggest recommendation.
  • Millions is a calculating monster of a hit that will put you under it’s magic spell!

    By Queenzany
    Millions is a calculating monster of a hit that will put you under it’s magic spell! A complicated dance of good and Evil! Which ultimately ensnared me, with every illustrious turn, every provocative move, and every tremendous word! This thrilling narrative will steal every part of you! The diabolical conclusion of the Dollars Series will leave you Utterly Destroyed! Marked and begging for more of that signature Pepper Winters artfulness to come to life!f