Law of Attraction and You: Learn How to Attract Wealth, Health, Happiness and Notice Improvement in Your Life in 7 Days - Mikka Hamilton

Law of Attraction and You: Learn How to Attract Wealth, Health, Happiness and Notice Improvement in Your Life in 7 Days

By Mikka Hamilton

  • Release Date: 2016-04-21
  • Genre: Spirituality
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 86 Ratings)
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This book reveals the basic Laws of Attraction and how you can implement them in your life to achieve improvement in various aspects of your life. Whether you want to improve your finances, relationships, or health, this book will give you the guidance to manifest improvements in these areas.

All you want is within your reach but sometimes you are too afraid to make the move or you just don't know where to begin. Most often than not, you think that you can't do things or assume that things are not achievable even before you start. The Law of Attraction will help you avoid these pitfalls and will show you the ways to ensure that your mind, soul and body are working hand-in-hand to achieve the life you have always imagined.

Download this book now and discover how to manifest more money, improved health, meaningful relationships, and anything else you may desire using the Law of Attraction.


  • Review.

    By Nadimul96
    Great book for self improvement. You and only you controls your actions and future, but regardless of what you want to achieve, it starts with putting in work. Great read.
  • So true

    By Alegria99
    This is something for everybody who's ever tried but stumbled. This book will show you how to get up and set your goals for a better future full of success.
  • Great and quick to read

    By Club Theast Fitness Co.
    I knew about laws of that he universe because I'm big in spirituality, meditation, and higher vibrations. This book served its purpose as to remind me of how far I've gotten with not just using but living the life of the universe laws. This was a really nice and quick read again, I do recommend this for starters and others who lost their touch in living the way of the universe.
  • Good book

    By cookupkid
    Good read
  • Time

    By Mavin 707
    Time best spent on reading a small book with big insights
  • Good book

    By BigTravens
    Good book, that will help you get on a positive track.
  • Law of attraction

    By april mariee
    I love this book ❤️ it was Amazing! From this day forward I will use the law of attraction and retain an abundance mindset !
  • Fantastic

    By AMJ World
    This book will help you begin the process of the Law of Attraction.
  • Excellent book

    By eric199340
    Really helpful amazing book thanks change your life and thinking
  • Laws of attraction

    By Black913
    I'm new to trying the idea but not new to hearing of it. The book gave me motivation to strive for a better me using only 3 rules. Thx!