The History of the Peloponnesian War (Annotated) - Thucydides

The History of the Peloponnesian War (Annotated)

By Thucydides

  • Release Date: 2015-12-01
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
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The History of the Peloponnesian War is a historical piece of writing regarding the events of the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC), which was fought between the Peloponnesian League (led by Sparta) and the Delian League (led by Athens). It was written by Thucydides, an Athenian historian who also happened to serve as an Athenian general during the war. His account of the conflict is widely considered to be a classic and regarded as one of the earliest scholarly works of history. The History is divided into eight books.

This edition has formatted for your reader, with an active table of contents.  It has also been extensively annotated, with additional information about the work and also about Thucydides, including an overview, historical method, subject matter, difficulties of interpretation, method, outline, translations, and extensive biographical information.