Invitation To Die (The Killing Game—Book #1) - Jaden Skye

Invitation To Die (The Killing Game—Book #1)

By Jaden Skye

  • Release Date: 2015-09-27
  • Genre: Police Procedural
4 Score: 4 (From 238 Ratings)
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  • Description

    Two women have gone missing in two weeks: the first, found dead, was slashed and dumped in a back alley in Boston. The second was discovered by a child in a Swan Boat Ride. As fear intensifies, Hunter, the head of the FBI Behavioral Unit, calls his star criminal profiler, Tracy Wrenn, to help on the case. Even though she had plans to become engaged that evening, Tracy quickly cancels her plans and rushes to Boston to help. 

    A beautiful, young professor of criminal psychology, Tracy has become renowned for her success at cracking cases no one else can. With her unusual insights and unique point of view, she is relentless at probing the inner minds of murderers. When a third woman goes missing, and when Tracy finds herself in danger, everything intensifies. In a shocking turn of events, Tracy finds out more not only about the killer, but about herself--and learns that nothing is what is seems.

    Book #2 in The Killing Game is also now available!


    • The killing game

      By Cranjoy
      This was a very good reader. I liked the way it kept the suspense going up to the end and the way it kept my interest all the way through.
    • Repetition makes a hard read

      By Issy's MomMom
      Just finished chapter 3. Overuse of character's first name and repetition--"important" was used over a dozen times already--make it difficult to stay focused on the story.
    • Elementary Writing, Inconsistencies, Moments of Interest

      By jrjewelz
      This book had all the makings of a great read. The plot, characters etc... all had potential. There were even times when it did get exciting. It was hard to fully grasp the characters personalities. (I understand the killers) It seemed scattered at times. The grammar and misspellings were irritating.
    • Needs proofreading

      By So annoyed no nickname works
      Good read. However, not sure anyone took a second of their time to proofread before printing.. characters names were messed up. Grammar was off the entire book. And one paragraph was printed three times in a row.
    • Interesting but hard to get through

      By (Sayitlikeitis)
      OMG! What everyone said. Mixed up names, grammatical errors, typos... Not to mention over use of the same words and phrases. The book reads like an observation report. It over explains things, insulting the intelligence of the reader. I feel this is insecurity on the writer's part, being too afraid her meaning would not get across. The idea is a good one. The delivery needs work. I have wanted to walk away many times, but I'm a sucker for starting a story and needing to know the ending. I've watched many a terrible movies this way. The author can definitely benefit from getting a better editor. Someone who can give the same feedback as what the other reviewers are saying.
    • Invitation To Die

      By Tenderloin56
      This book could use some proofreading, but wonderful characters, depth and plot - without too much violence.
    • Mediocre at best

      By Zephyr Texans
      This book is full of double punctuation, double words, missing words, and random extra letters in a sentence among other typographical errors. Additionally, the main character is completely unbelievable. An FBI profiler who discusses the case and asks advice from a total stranger and pursuing potential suspects without back up? Just not impressed at all.
    • Book mama

      By Blackfur1009
      Awful! Don't waste your time. Tremendous typos and poorly written.
    • Good and bad

      By Rocketman1300
      I must say that I thought the story line was rather good. However, the writing was rather bad. Bad in the sense that it was very repetitive and amateurish. In dealing with conversations between characters the descriptions of their moods or feelings were very unnatural. For example the interaction between the heroine of the story, Tracy, and her fiancé, Wess, was unbelievable. Tracy was supposed to be this strong woman. As such, she would never have put up with a sniveling man. And the character, Hunter, seemed to need a much stronger role to the story. Just my opinion mind you. Read it for yourself and make up your own mind.
    • Author needs several writing courses

      By Rxnjsquir
      If someone is editing and proofing this work they should be fired. Grammar, syntax, and continuity are in need of a redo. The characters are insipid and one dimensional. The author stops the story to describe the clothing of the main character which adds nothing, and the vocabulary is limited and repetitive. The plot is predictable and the killer is apparent from the moment he appears in the early story for no apparent reason and with no smooth transition into the story line. This seems like the pretentious ramblings of a person with an exaggerated sense of her own worth bragging and posturing in front of mirror to the only person who is impressed. I hope the author's insight is better with a patient or progress, if any, will be minimal. It could be at least 100 pages shorter with no loss to the reader.