Great Again - Donald J. Trump

Great Again

By Donald J. Trump

  • Release Date: 2015-11-03
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
3 Score: 3 (From 508 Ratings)
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In this book (previously published as Crippled America), we’re going to look at the state of the world right now. It’s a terrible mess, and that’s putting it mildly. There has never been a more dangerous time. The politicians and special interests in Washington, DC are directly responsible for the mess we are in. So why should we continue listening to them?

It’s time to bring America back to its rightful owners—the American people.

I’m not going to play the same game politicians have been playing for decades—all talk, no action, while special interests and lobbyists dictate our laws. I am shaking up the establishment on both sides of the political aisle because I can’t be bought. I want to bring America back, to make it great and prosperous again, and to be sure we are respected by our allies and feared by our adversaries.

It’s time for action. Americans are fed up with politics as usual. And they should be! In this book, I outline my vision to make America great again, including: how to fix our failing economy; how to reform health care so it is more efficient, cost-effective, and doesn’t alienate both doctors and patients; how to rebuild our military and start winning wars—instead of watching our enemies take over—while keeping our promises to our great veterans; how to ensure that our education system offers the resources that allow our students to compete internationally, so tomorrow’s jobseekers have the tools they need to succeed; and how to immediately bring jobs back to America by closing our doors to illegal immigrants, and pressuring businesses to produce their goods at home.

This book is my blueprint for how to Make America Great Again. It’s not hard. We just need someone with the courage to say what needs to be said.


  • M.A.G.A

    By Zeus is my dad
    Great book
  • Second most important book of all time (after the bible)

    By Gregoire2125
    This is the most amazing book ever
  • Only my opinion

    By Bobandlarryfromveggietales
    Donald trump is frankly a horrible person. In my opinion he is a demeaning, sexist and racist man who has no conscience. He displays a number of narcissistic trends cues and simply disrespects anyone who doesn't fit into the very constructive physical and mental roles he wants them to. Donal trump does not wish to make America a better nation but instead wishes on himself more money and power. Pray that he doesn't start world war 3. I do not wish any ill fortune on him, but do feel that he is not a good person or president.
  • Great man

    By John-3:16
    Great man, great book. Read objectively and understand what's being said.
  • To the Point

    By 102938vlt
    Straight, concise, and to the point. It's as if Trump was sitting right in front of you laying out his plan. Every Trump skeptic/hater needs to read this.
  • Absolute killer

    By Wutupbroski
    Read the physical copy. Great book.
  • MAGA

    By WhaWha cry babies
    Best book ever !! Thank you , Mr. President Donald J Trump ❤️💕❤️
  • Go trump

    By Ahuva Baalhaness
    You r all sooooo racist for the bad reviews
  • America is not crippled

    By TheRobertnator
    The losers that work at factories need to get over the fact that corporations found cheaper labor elsewhere. The government doesn't owe you anything. Get up and go find another job you losers. You should of thought twice before you decided to not attend college you perpetual losers.
  • Trump

    By Jfrisle
    Trump 2k16