My Fair Duchess - Julie Johnstone

My Fair Duchess

By Julie Johnstone

  • Release Date: 2015-08-05
  • Genre: Historical
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 129 Ratings)
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After years of playing the rake to hide a dark family secret, the Duke of Aversley feels tainted beyond redemption and cynical beyond repair. Never does he imagine hope will come in the form of a quirky, quick-witted lady determined to win the heart of another gentleman.

Thanks to a painfully awkward past, Lady Amelia De Vere long ago relinquished the notion she was a flower that had yet to blossom. But when her family faces financial ruin and the man she has always loved is on the verge of marrying another, she’ll try anything to transform herself to capture her childhood love and save her family―including agreeing to participate in a bet between her brother and the notorious, dangerously handsome Duke Of Aversley.

Bound by the bet, Amelia and Aversley discover unexpected understanding and passion beyond their wildest dreams, if only they can let go of their pride, put trust in each other and chance losing their hearts.


  • Great story til the end

    By susancapmom
    I was loving this book, then bam, it just ended. No resolution of plot lines, leaving you quite dissatisfied. Come on! Was there a deadline missed?
  • Overall Good

    By ClaudiaS1234
    A few grammatical errors. But, other than that it was a good read.
  • Delightful, then dumps you

    By truefeather77
    I was charmed by the first 2/3 of this book, and thought it one of the most delightful escapist things I’d found in a long time. Unlike many romantic novels, there were few typos, no glaring, teeth-clenching gaffes, and the two lovers didn’t just start panting the moment they looked at each other and decide that was all they needed to know. There are scenes of them getting to know each other, and having delightful conversations that we get to share, and as the duke dallies with her, discovers her, we are charmed into falling in love with him, too. Engaging and very believable. Then it’s as if an editor called the author and ordered her to quit this story, and turn her attention to another. Things abruptly change, as if someone had pressed a fast-forward button, and the author goes through a short checklist, checking off the few steps remaining to get to the desired ending. The other characters just evaporate, and we’re left with a gratuitous sex scene, the first and only — that is as ludicrous as it is improbable for the period, the location, and the characters — and that’s all she wrote. And as if bearing out my theory about the editor calling, there’s a teaser chapter of the next story — voila, this is becoming a series! — that includes a cameo of the couple from the first book, and seems to trivialize them and their love, in order to get on to the next couple. So in the end, it’s as if the author just told you how the book ended, instead of writing it. But because the first part was so good, I still will keep this on my drive, and I’ll rewrite the ending in my head. Sigh.
  • Beautiful

    By Bi dina
    So much originality in this story. Well writing.